Do not hesitate to ask for help

Know that you can always contact your teacher for help. If you need clarification, login to the Online Learning Portal and use the support option to contact your tutor or helpdesk, who is there to help you.


FAQ (How it works)

To find out more about learning with IUSTAAD, or to reserve your place for next batch, contact us below and one of our admissions team will be in touch

Create a space to take class

Parents should provide students a proper space to take classes with aid of computer/laptop/smart device and other supportive materials they need. Must set a place where they can study, ideally free from distractions such as loud music, talking, television noise and so on.

Ensure you have reliable internet access

If your internet is not reliable, you might get interrupted throughout a lesson. Consider using a reputable service provider for good speed of WiFi or data package.

Identify your goals

Before beginning to study any subject try to think and establish for yourself a purpose for studying it. Once you have done this, write what your goals are for each subject you take. Review them every day before you sit down to study your course materials.