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iUstaad for Schools

Sometimes schools need to offer more – and that’s where iUstaad comes in. We partner with schools and coaching centers to expand their elective, tutoring, and small-group support programs.

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iUstaad for Corporates

We support Employers everywhere with a unique benefit that increases productivity by letting working parents and caregivers focus on work, all the while knowing that their kids are engaged and exploring their interests in-depth.

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Online Tuition Academy

For all your private tuition needs, iUstaad is the solution. Our expert, trained and reliable online tutors help students in securing good grades and develop their skill set.

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Grade Level Assessments

iUstaad conduct preliminary and mock exams to access grade level performance of students. It provides complete picture of each individual student’s learning needs and progress, share results with stakeholders, and set specific learning goals for every student.

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How to enroll

1. Assessment

Through iUstaad Assessment Tools we are able to get to know your child and then lead them to the right learning strategy and perfect tutor.

2. Match

After our complimentary consultation process, we look for qualified online tutor from our pool who suits your child’s personality and academic needs.

3. Demo Class

We provide Demo Class to Students to make them familiar with the tutor and online learning platform.

4. Tutor Assign

Our well experienced tutors are committed and trustworthy. Their aim is to provide best coaching to students to excel in academic career.

5. Support

Through periodic grade cards and online parents-tutor meetings, we provide regular progress reports of students.

Tutor Team

Composed of different people with unique experiences and perspectives, we are all invested in building a future where kids have access to learn what they love.

Muhammad Abdullah

iUstaad has given me an opportunity to tutor a number of different subjects. It is a great part time job as it's flexible and ideal alongside studying at university. It's also been a chance to gain some experience in something new, and I've really enjoyed teaching, but also supporting and getting to know a number of students.

Sarah Clarke

I really appreciate the "teamwork" attitude/philosophy iUstaad communicates. I feel valued and supported based upon the flexibility of being able to set my own hours and work schedule. I have been provided the opportunity to develop positive relationships with students and parents, while still teaching full time. I would highly recommend iUstaad to anyone interested in becoming a learning coach, as well as to anyone who is in need of tutoring services.

Maria Aman

There is no doubt in my mind that I made the right decision choosing to work with iUstaad. What impresses me the most is the quality of the online classroom. It facilitates online tutoring so well with the ability to watch YouTube live together, draw, write, use slideshows and chat all in one place!