Customized learning & training platform for more productivity

We support Employers everywhere with a unique benefit that increases productivity by letting working parents and caregivers focus on work, all the while knowing that their kids are engaged and exploring their interests in-depth.


EDTech Solutions

Parents should provide students a proper space to take classes with aid of computer/laptop/smart device and other supportive materials they need. Must set a place where they can study, ideally free from distractions such as loud music, talking, television noise and so on


Our goal is to help improve education and that’s why we’re always innovating through our platform, by adding cutting-edge features such as automation, adaptive learning, and personalized competency-based.

Easy To Use

Our user interface is clean, with an intuitive design that makes the whole experience of using our platform more enjoyable and productive.

Have Your On Portal

Create a custom LMS portal and use it as a central hub to showcase your school or company, communicate news and events, and display classes and training sessions.

Customize Your Portal

Our platform can be matched to your school's identity by adding a personalized logo, URL, color scheme, terminology, and more.


We’re continually working to enhance our platform's accessibility features for students with disabilities.